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5 Face Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of That Double Chin



What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a combination of exercise and stretches for the muscles in your face to help tighten, tone and keep you feeling and looking your best! If you’ve already committed to adding yoga into your routine, why not give face yoga a try? You can add this self-care routine into the beginning or end of your day and repeat it as often or as little as you see fit. These simple exercises can improve circulation which will reduce visible signs of aging and wrinkles! Looking to tighten and tone your skin? Adding facial yoga into your routine is a great place to start but it’s also important to hydrate, sleep well and reduce stress overall. We look our best when we feel our best! 

Why should you perform face yoga?

  • Improve muscle tone. Much like resistance training, these exercises make your muscles work against your hands when toning. 

  • Anti aging- Like natural botox! This practice stimulates the muscles to tighten the skin which will improve or reduce any fine lines or wrinkles.

  • Fight muscle fatigue. The massage part of this practice will help circulate your blood flow and release any tension in your lymph nodes. You’ll experience a detoxification which will awaken your skin. 

  • Long lasting health benefits. Facial yoga will smooth lines, lift and tone your cheeks and neck and reduce signs of fatigue around your eyes. As if that’s not enough, it’s also been shown to reduce neck pain, headaches and TMJ!

Five yoga poses moves to get rid of double chin

A well balanced facial yoga “workout” will include movement, massage and acupressure to help you reduce stress and pressure on the muscles and bones. These fives moves will help you tighten and tone your skin including that pesky double chin!

  1. Fish Face

    fish face.png

    Suck your cheeks in to form a fish face. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat five times. 

  2. Neck Lift


    Pull your lips over to the right side and then turn your neck to the same side. Hold for 3 seconds and then do the other side. Repeat both sides til you’ve done five sets. 

  3. Pout Pose


    ⁠Bring your lips to a small tight 0 shape & lift the neck up and change your lips to a smile. Hold for 20 seconds then repeat five times.

  4. Face Tapping

    face tapping.jpg

    Starting at your forehead, tap your fingertips on your face. First across your forehead, then down your cheeks. Across your chin and down your neck to your shoulders. Finish off by rubbing your hands together to create heat and cup your hands over your eyes. Start to deepen your breath and relax. 

  5. Face Savasana


    When you’ve finished your routine, bring your eyes to close and deepen your breath. You can choose to grab face lotion and rub down your skin, or warm a towel and rest it on your face. Or both! Continue to give your skin the pampering it deserves and remember to take time to relax! 

But be careful, practicing face yoga can improve overall happiness and increase your confidence! You may also feel less under the weather and more well rested. With side effects this amazing, what are you waiting for? Ready to give it a shot? Try our face yoga class!

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