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Leaving my desk job to teach yoga was the best decision


Posted on Jul 17, 2019 yoga

Yoga was a mere form of exercise

When I was a kid I used to practice few yoga postures (asanas) which my grandmother demonstrated and I liked. Going forward as a teen, I used to practice sun salutations a lot as I found it developing my biceps and triceps and improved my posture.

Gym replaced Yoga

Later during my teens, I joined the gym for muscle building and weight training. Yoga was far behind the scene. The fascination towards those awkward yoga poses remained, though was dormant, but the inclination towards being spiritual and the yogic literature remained active.

Life goes on with its ups and downs but destiny had its own plans

I graduated with a degree in Physics and post graduated in electronics and business management. Initially, I was self-employed in the family business but later worked in a corporate job. This corporate life has its effects on my mind and body due to the stress and the social habits.

Always, I felt a need to do something for people, to be of help to everyone but did not know how to do it. Stress continued to take its toll until one fine day, a thought emerged. I thought of learning yoga and teaching it as a profession. I pursued the thought and then the beautiful journey started - though it it wasn't easy as my earnings would stop initially yet the household expenses still continued.

Journey of Yoga

It all started in 2016. I did my Level 1 and Level 2 yoga teacher training from the Yoga Institute, Mumbai. There along with the basic asanas, the theoretical part of ancient texts (Vedas, Upanishad ) was taught. These philosophical texts attracted me more towards yoga. From here, I went on to learn the Ashtanga style. Further, to increase my knowledge of the theoretical aspects, I did a Master's in Applied Yogic Science from the Annamalai University, Chennai.

I try to keep my practice very simple and include yogic literature wherever I feel necessary. Though, of course I don't make as much as I did in corporate job, the satisfaction and the peace of mind is infinite and keeps me moving forward all the time. The feedback from all of my students motivates me to learn more and more for their benefit.

And here I am now enjoying the best phase of my life!

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