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Your First Online Yoga Class: start here


Posted on Feb 24, 2021 #recent

Never practiced yoga online before? Don't worry, you'll learn everything you need to know here.

But first, if you've never practiced yoga before period (as in never practiced online OR offline), then click here to read this article first.

Now there's a few big differences between practicing yoga online, and practicing in-person at a studio.

In this article, you'll learn the best way to set up your space for practicing yoga at home, the ideal tech setup, and creating the right atmosphere for a good yoga practice.

Setting Up Your Space, the bare essentials

When it comes to online yoga, the first thing you need to do is choose a space to practice in. For some people, this is your bedroom, for others, the living room, guest bedroom, or the garage. What's important is that you have enough room to practice yoga.

You should be able to stretch your hands up and all around without touching any walls or furniture. Then place your laptop or tablet about 9 feet away from your mat, so your online teacher can see you from head to toe, even when you’re standing. (pictured below)


You might want to put your laptop, tablet or phone on a table or chair. This will give a better camera angle and make it easier for your teacher to see you practice and give you feedback.

The Ideal Tech Setup

I always recommend practicing online yoga with your laptop or tablet. A phone is OK, but the small screen makes it hard to see the teacher.

With myYogaTeacher, all you need to get started is to register for your free trial here (no credit card required). And then install Zoom here.

Don't worry if you're not technically inclined. You can schedule a tech consult with us here. We'll give you a call at the time you choose, then walk you through installing zoom, booking and joining classes, and anything else you need to get started. (Or just call us at 855-771-2929)

If your computer speakers aren't loud enough for the class, you might want to consider an external speaker for more volume. Or a Bluetooth headset so you can easily hear everything your teacher is saying, even when you're head down in child's pose!

I use these Bluetooth ear buds. I've had them over a year, they're great quality and easy to use. I'm not getting paid to promote these, they're just a good headset for online yoga.

Ambiance, Atmosphere, and Making Your Yoga Space Cozy

Now this isn't strictly necessary, but making your space feel like a "yoga space" can really help you to be in the best mindset for yoga.

You don't have to create your own studio at home. But following these tips, will help your space feel like the prefect place to practice yoga!

Keep it clean. If your space is messy, cluttered, or dusty then your mind wont feel at ease, spacious, or relaxed. This is an easy one to help you relax while you practice.

Privacy is important. Now you may love practicing yoga with your kids hopping on the mat and climbing on your back while you're in down dog. But if yoga is your "me" time, then practicing while they're asleep or occupied, in a private place helps you to deeply relax and focus on yourself.

The lighting can make a huge difference to the feeling of the room. Intense florescent lighting is stimulating and sterile. You don't want to feel like you're at the office. You can use a lamp and cover it with a shawl, use rock-salt lamps, or any warm lighting with a dimmer switch will do. This will make your space feel warmer, more welcoming, and serene.

Lots of living plants. The more plants in the room, the better. This will help your room to feel more alive and natural. You'll feel the vibrancy and abundance of nature while you stand firm in Warrior I.

A quiet space. Even if you have to stuff a towel under the door so you don't hear the TV in the next room, it's worth it to make the space quiet. This way you don't hear abrasive sounds while you're enjoying your final relaxation (savasana) at the end of the session.

If you have a space you can dedicate for yoga, and keep your mat rolled out on the floor, this will help you to build a habit of yoga. It will make it easier to start every practice, and remind you to book your next class.

You can book your next Online Yoga Class with an expert teacher here. Enjoy your class!

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