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Journey of Yogini with My Yoga Teacher!

Mamatha GP

Posted on Jul 27, 2020 #yoga

I discovered yoga 15 years ago while in high school , yoga was a part of curricular activity during my school days . I was unaware what yoga really is? I thought it's just for flexibility and molding a body as we want until I realize. We had yoga asanas for sports competitions during my school days, that was the best part of my childhood days . When I look back now, it is clear to me that I was not doing it correctly at that time. I thought to myself, “Yoga is not that difficult, I just need to rest in the pose!” I brought that mind of thinking, namely, that I was not so bad at yoga. I had participated in many competitions during my high school and graduation, and got many prizes for my advanced postures.

At the beginning of regular practice, I was always being adjusted for alignment and asked to use strength by my master’s n friends. I wondered why all my alignment and concepts about Yoga were wrong before? Fortunately, I didn’t feel frustrated but was just curious to learn the correct way to perform the poses. Otherwise, I would have quit Yoga and wouldn’t have been the “me that I am” today. Many other aspects about Yoga have been unfolded to me in my Yoga journey. Firstly, breathing technique – we breathe every moment, why do we have to learn how to breathe after being alive for so many years? Secondly, Yoga Sutras – Yoga also has a “bible”! This is interesting. Thirdly, meditation – it is a relatively normal topic – sitting still without moving has always been my strength. Of course, it is a deeper topic than I thought. Fourthly, Mantra chanting – although I didn’t understand the meaning of the mantras at the beginning, I liked the melody. Fifthly, cleansing technique – when my master asked me to join the cleansing class, I asked what we would do and he just said we would drink a lot of water.

In the second half of 2015, Strangely enough or I may be lucky, all these invaluable concepts unfolded gradually. I was interested in learning more without any hesitation. I was asked if I was interested in undertaking Yoga teacher training or some course.

I resisted teaching as I didn’t think I had the talent. Further, I was too shy to speak in front of people. But I was eager to learn more about Yoga besides asanas (postures). I was still hesitant to enroll for the course, only four days before the course started, I signed up with sudden impulse. Then I took 2 years masters in yoga science in specialization of yoga therapy which includes traditional hatha yoga. Then I did a 200hr TTC ashtanga course and 200hr TTC Aerial yoga course in Mysore.

I kept challenging myself in new things that I had never thought of doing or resisted doing (sometimes out of fear or because of lack of confidence). Now I volunteer to teach Yoga in a charity organisation. It's been more than 4 years since I started teaching in India and Abroad(Qatar) as well.


I have become more aware of my feelings and the emotions deep down. So I begin to understand myself more out of this Yoga journey. Thanks to every master and every fellow practitioner I have met along the journey. I have learnt a lot from each of them. I believe that the right things will unfold at the right time.I believe keeping practising without setting any rigid goals while experiencing along the journey is more precious. It is a simple but deep and meaningful statement. The way we practise Yoga will affect the way we live our lives. Don’t give ourselves too much pressure. Don’t take things too seriously. Learn to undertake challenges playfully. Balancing between persistence and letting go will go a long way in every aspect of our lives. We will feel the joy when gratefulness fosters naturally.

Yoga is the union of body, mind and soul. My practice has been transformed from a physical exercise to more a practice of awareness of my feelings and emotions. I have changed my approach to practice by having a thankful mind with a focus on feeling every part of my body and my breath. There is still a long way to go on the journey, but I am sure I am heading in a joyful path, no matter how the external environment evolves. The seed of joy has sprouted inside me.

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