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Your Chance to Win a Free Yoga Teacher Training Course With MyYogaTeacher is Here!




In honor of International Yoga Day,

MyYogaTeacher is announcing our first ever Fun Pic Contest!

We want to see your fun side! Because yoga doesn’t always have to be serious. Sometimes laughing at ourselves and doing silly things is just the medicine we need to make our day brighter…and healthier!

That being said, you also have an opportunity to positively impact lots of other people’s lives by joining in on this yoga pose, picture-snapping challenge. Maybe you make someone smile. Maybe your picture encourages someone to start taking yoga classes or try a new yoga pose! Good energy spreads, and positive energy is a huge part of the MyYogaTeacher community.

1st Prize: Win a FREE Teacher Training Course with MyYogaTeacher (valued over $1,490) 

Honorable Mentions: Ten participants will win a free MyYogaTeacher T-shirt!

Fun Yoga Pose Contest Rules

  • Yoga poses should be unique in some way (i.e. in a fun location, with your animals, with a partner, or your own twist on your favorite pose).
  • Picture can be taken by you as a selfie or taken by someone else.

  • Post your picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag @myyogateacher

  • We encourage you to post as many pictures as you’d like, but each picture must be tagged to be considered.

  • In order to qualify for prizes, images must be posted and tagged before 11:59PM on June 20, 2022.

  • Images must be original and owned by you.

  • Winners will be announced on June 24th!

Need some examples?

Since we haven’t done this before, we’re going to drop a few examples of some fun yoga pose pics our teachers submitted to help you out! You’re welcome to recreate them yourself or simply use them as inspiration to come up with your own!

Yoga Poses

Email announcement _2.png

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