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#myYogaTeacher   Dec 8, 2022

Announcing MyYogaTeacher’s Free Yoga for Better Metabolism Event

Are you ready to easily improve digestion and boost metabolism (isn’t everyone)? Then this event is for you! You’re invited to the two-day yoga event from December 13-14 dedicated to improving you...

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#myYogaTeacher   Dec 1, 2022

Exciting New Yoga Workshops to Jumpstart Your New Year!

Happy New Year!As each year comes to a close, there is an inevitable sense that the next year will be better. Smoother, less stressful, more joyful. There is hope.  And, there are, of course, ...

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#myYogaTeacher   Nov 25, 2022

Welcome to MyYogaTeacher’s Free Yoga for Weight Loss Event!

You’re invited to the three-day yoga event from December 2-4 dedicated to helping you lose weight and live your healthiest life!Use yoga to get fit, stay fit, and feel better!Despite what you ma...

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#myYogaTeacher   Nov 15, 2022

Announcing MyYogaTeacher’s Free Yoga for Better Emotional Balance Event!

Do you ride a rollercoaster of uncontrollable emotions? Struggle with managing them in a healthy way? Join the three-day yoga event created with you in mind from November 18-20! ⁠Holistically manage...

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#myYogaTeacher   Nov 4, 2022

You’re Invited! MyYogaTeacher’s Free Yoga for Relaxation and Sleep Event

Are you ready to relax and sleep better? Announcing the three-day yoga event dedicated to just that from November 11-13!And we want to see you there! With the pressures, busy-ness, and chaos t...

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#myYogaTeacher   Oct 28, 2022

Get $100 of MyYogaTeacher Credit When You Tell a Friend

You get $100 of MyYogaTeacher credit when you tell a friend and they become a member. Your friend or family member also gets $100 of credit when they sign up using the link on your account here\...

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#myYogaTeacher   Oct 26, 2022

MyYogaTeacher Get Together in Goa – 2022

WOW, Goa with our teachers, staff, and a few members was SO MUCH FUN!! People have been reaching out for pics and stories, so I thought I'd share the highlights here. Also, you can follow us \...

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#myYogaTeacher   Aug 22, 2022

Trip with your teacher to Goa, India - You’re Invited!

Want to hang out with your yoga teacher in India? Email to begin the registration process. If you sign up before September 2nd, you’ll get a discounted hotel rate!Articl...

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#myYogaTeacher   Jul 25, 2022

Celebrating National Relaxation Day With MyYogaTeacher: Free 7 Days of Relaxation Event

August 12-18Keep reading to learn more and sign up for some very special sessions!The pandemic, politics, climate change, a recession and inflation…these things do not have to define your mental a...

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#fitness   Jun 16, 2022

MyYogaTeacher Reviews! What People Are Saying About The Online Yoga Platform

MyYogaTeacher now has over 105,400 students and a 4.9 star rating with 73,653 reviews!Apple App Store Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 star rating - 1,010 reviewsGoogle Play Store Reviews: 4.7 ...

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#myYogaTeacher   Jun 5, 2020

Flowing into my Ikigai: YOGA

Ikigai 生き甲斐 /Ick-ee-guy/ NounA Japanese concept that means "a reason for being" or “a reason to jump out of bed every morning”. The word refers to having a direction or purpose in...

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#myYogaTeacher   Feb 20, 2020

Pranamaya Healed Me

Mother of 2 girls! I worked at Bank of America for many years. But after my first kid, I was feeling anxious most of the time . . . instead of responding to situations, I was reacting.One day,...

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#yoga   Jan 10, 2020

A Review from a MyYogaTeacher Member

We were just so excited to see Nikki's review of myYogaTeacher that we asked if we could also share it here. We are LOVING her excitement and enthusiasm for finding HER TEACHER! ⁠[CTA-REVIEWS]Gues...

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#yoga   Oct 1, 2019

Yoga Makes Me Shine

What is your first yoga memory?I had struggled with my weight for most of my life and found exercise to be very helpful. However, when I became pregnant in 2013 there were not a lot of exercise op...

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