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Need an Immune Boost? Try Yoga!




Are you worried about the health of your immune system? You’re not alone.

Today, people are trying dozens of strategies to stay healthy. Some like social distancing and washing your hands are common methods. Others might surprise you!

Yoga, for example, has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system!

In 2018, the Journal of Behavioral Medicine published a study looking at the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. The study focused on Hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga calms the mind and body through physical postures.

The scientists measured blood and saliva levels, immune cell counts, antibodies, and more. The results? Undeniable evidence that doing yoga at least once a week reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system.There are several theories behind this. Moving more makes you healthier. And healthier bodies have an easier time fighting off infection.

There are unique immune-boosting benefits of yoga compared to other exercise.

A yoga class includes inverted postures, heart openers, and twists. Each of these benefits your immune system in their own unique way:

Inversions and forward bends heighten blood flow to the sinuses. This helps ease sinus pressure and blockage.Heart openers, like cobra pose, reduce tension in the chest and back. This can help break up congestion in your lungs.

Twists, like revolving chair or supine twists, aid in digestion. Did you know much of our immune system is in the gut??? A healthy digestive tract has healthier microbiome, and strong immune cells and hormones.

Beyond the postures, yoga relieves stress!

Our stress levels impact our immune system. If you go through your day without stress relief, you may be more likely to develop health issues.

Yoga quiets the mind and reduces the body’s stress hormone levels. Having a weekly or daily outlet to combat everyday stress can make you healthier inside and out.

The takeaway?

Yoga is a great method for keeping yourself healthy and boosting your immune system. It also feels amazing!

And, with our online group classes, you can practice in the privacy and safety of your own home!

Sidenote: Especially in these times, take care of yourself! If you are feeling ill, be safe and see a medical professional. You might need more rest than Yoga.

Rest is valuable when it comes to healing the body, so don’t challenge yourself with intense yoga during times of sickness.

If you need rest but want to gain some of the benefits of yoga, our expert teachers would be happy to guide you through a yin/restorative yoga class.

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