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Yoga taught me how to deal with myself


Posted on Jan 9, 2020 #recent

by Adarsh


My journey with Yoga has been interesting and fascinating. I grew up hearing stories of great Yogis and Rishis, and I always thought "I want to be a Yogi when I grow up!"

I spent a lot of time as a child chanting, praying and meditating. It was mostly because my mother was very spiritually inclined. Chanting and praying always helped me feel calm and relaxed.

In school, I was constantly bullied for my interests and attitude. I used to feel anxious all the time, and lived in constant stress. I didn't know how to understand the situation, and felt that it was never going to get better.

Every challenge is a blessing in disguise.

Luckily I attended a Yoga Camp in SVYASA Institute, and found my love for Yoga and Spirituality again. It was a great experience waking up early, being close to nature in the beautiful campus, doing my own chores and managing myself. I was constantly engaged and connected.

Practicing the postures and breathing left me with a feeling of peace and calm. It made me feel inspired, energetic and connected to myself. I was able to stay positive and strong despite the bullying. I continued to practice by myself because it helped me.

I learnt the importance of discipline, how conscious breathing can help in dealing with anxiety, stress and worry. Yoga helped me understand and appreciate my body, mind and spirit.

My life took a strange turn when I was robbed and mugged in college. It left me feeling weak and defenseless, and I decided to start learning martial arts for self defence. Martial Arts helped me feel confident and strong.

But on the inside, I still felt anxious and scared sometimes. I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle. I knew how to physically handle a conflict with a person, but my own inner conflicts left me utterly defeated. Until I started practicing Yoga again.

Yoga was instrumental in learning how to deal with myself. It helped me find some balance and peace within myself, despite what challenges I faced. It taught me how to look inward, reflect and understand how to face conflict with calm. It also taught me the importance of awareness and presence, and understand how to respect my body.

I feel blessed to be able to share my love, passion and knowledge of this beautiful ancient science. I believe it can be a major positive influence in our present world, and help us all relate to ourselves and others with presence, respect and love.

There is so much to learn and experience. I feel in 10 years of teaching, I have just scratched the surface. I'm excited about what lies ahead, and look forward to sharing my journey with my students.

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