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My journey into yoga began as a child when I was in school. Yoga was part of our school curriculum and the regular practice was fascinating and it became fun to me.

After few years down the line, when I was running marathons, I thought "it is good that I can run now but I won’t be able to run throughout my life..."

I knew that I needed an alternate regime that I could do for the rest of my life to keep me healthy and fit. Sri B.K.S. Iyengar ji was doing his yoga practice until the age of 92 years. I was amazed that one can do yoga tto that age! That stayed in my mind so I started doing yoga.

I left my corporate job and did my teachers training from a1000yoga studio in Bangalore. I wanted to do Gurukulam style residential course, so I went to Sivananda Ashram in Kerala and finished another teacher’s training program.

I am grateful to my guru’s Sri Pradeep G Gowda from a1000yoga and Swami Parmanadaji from Sivananda, from whom I not only learned pranayama, asanas but also the philosophy of yoga. During the process of daily classes and practice, I was absolutely in love with yoga and the yogic life. I saw that yoga can make individual beautiful not only from outside but from within too. I felt an immense change in me with a sense of physical well-being and mental calmness.

I was suffering from PCOD and after regular practice of yoga, the disease has fully disappeared. It gave me confidence. During my teaching experience, I have had to deal with various life events including my husband’s health when he got frozen shoulder. He could, with dedication and daily practice of yoga, cure it fully.

After practicing many hours in past 4 years and teaching over 2,500 hours in past four years, I want to go deep into this profession.

It is good workout for people who suffers from stress, anxiety, want to relax during their hectic week. Even for runners or sports personality, it's very good for many reasons. It increase stamina, lung capacity, flexibility and reduces stress.

I did my project with kids in Bangalore at Thayimane Ashram (orphanage kids). Teaching kids gave me immense happiness and lot of energy. Contentment when you get that you can pin down here. I conducted and planned yoga classes for Ashram children from age 4 to 16.

I taught these children different asanas and pranayama to help them improve their strength, concentration and memory. I also conducted krida yoga sessions to help children improve memory, motor skills, etc in a fun and playful way.

Having continued practice of yoga and following the philosophy of yoga in my daily life – I found the ability within me to face any kind of stress. The ability to maintain my mental and emotional balance has been a life-changing realization.

I feel fulfilled, when I see my students benefitting from yoga specially when they come and tell me that I recovered from stress or anxiety or I became healthy by attending your class.

Sage Patanjali said: The most important and in fact the only description of asana given in the Yoga Sutras is “sthira sukham asanam”, meaning that every asana should be 'STEADY' and 'COMFORTABLE' - STHIRA and SUKHA. 'Sthira' means steady or stable or grounded or strong and 'Sukha' means comfortable or easy (or 'easeful') or peaceful. Yoga helps to clear your mind and find your true self. Yoga is unity and way of life for me.

“Feed yourself with your own yoga practice so you can feed others”.


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