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Update: 1/3/2008 - Amazing conference

We met with so many great teachers with a so many amazing stories. Thank you all for joining us and for inspiring us on this project. Great to see so much excitement and traction, even before launch!!!!

Product Session

Product session

Dinner Before the Conference

Dinner before the conference

Rooftop Yoga Session

Rooftop Yoga session

Learning about Yoga in America

Learning about Yoga in America

Founder Joining Via Video Call

I could not be there in person - so joined via video - (I wish the beach was real but this Green screen tech still under development )

Yoga Session was Intense

Yoga session was intense

Female Yogis

What is a Yoga conference without a Yoga selfie :-)

Yoga Selfie

Our amazing yoga teachers

We will be having our second teacher conference this weekend - Saturday 12/29/2018 in Banglore. We have a lot of exciting updates, live Yoga session and a lot more...

Anil, my co-founder, will be joining and leading the team.

Look forward to a great day of sharing and learning.

Wishing everybody all the best, Jitendra

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