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Posted on Dec 28, 2021 #fitness

This quote of the Buddha is carved in my mind and heart. I always wanted to be content and deeply satisfied in every task that I do. This quest for deep contentment began when I entered engineering college and continued through my tenure in the IT industry.

Through sincere hard work and dedication, I achieved so much during this time yet I hadn't achieved my own personal contentment.

I was sitting in our quarterly meeting at my corporate job and I heard the words "Star Performer Award goes to Sheetal for her outstanding performance!" Senior management was announcing my name for a award at my company and I should have been happy and excited. But somewhere deep inside, I just was not satisfied.

Eventually, I decided to take a grand risk and commit myself to yoga, something I had practiced since I was a teenager. Applying the same hard work and dedication as I had to my engineering studies, I was ready to pursue higher education in yoga science.

After thorough research and a visit, I joined the Kaivalyadhama Institute in Maharashtra for a post-graduate residential diploma in Yogic Science.

Once I started teaching Yoga, I realized that many people come to yoga based on doctor's advice or to help with mental stress. To enhance my skills as a teacher, I decided to continue my education and completed a diploma in Yoga Therapy from the SVYASA Institute in Bangalore followed by Panchagavya medicine course from Chennai .

As I started seeing the profound effect of yoga on me and my students, my faith to continue my journey on this path became more concrete. Yoga does wonders to everyone who practices.

It has been a challenging, satisfying and mysterious journey which connected my inner world to the outer world, allowing me to experience the best of both!I remain totally awestruck with the deep study and research done by our ancestors and contemporaries in the field of mind and matter.

My journey into Yoga has provided me the gift of a lifetime - a balanced mind and contentment.



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