Celebrating Women: Yoga for Women’s Health




Don’t miss our free Yoga for Women’s Health Event March 28-30!

This month is all about celebrating women and promoting women’s health! The Yoga for Women’s Health Event is designed for women of all ages to be able to participate. Discover all the ways you can use yoga to enhance and protect your physical, mental and emotional health!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women feel like their doctors, at some point, have ignored them or been dismissive of their health concerns? And over 50% of women in America struggle with some form of mental health issue. Yoga, meditation, and a yogic lifestyle are all ways to significantly improve your health as a woman. 

At MyYogaTeacher, expert instructors with higher education in many different fields are available to walk with you on your health journey and help you advocate for your health in ways you may not have otherwise!

This special event focuses on…you guessed it, women!

Walk away from these amazing classes feeling energized and empowered and more prepared to take control of your mental, emotional, and physical health!

How to join the International Women’s Day Event:


Just click the links below to one or all of the classes you’d like to attend and register as you would any other group class! Simple as that.


Click this link to sign up for your free two week trial to get access to this incredible event! No credit card required.

Are you a nonmember who signed up for a trial in the past but it’s lapsed?

If you’re not a member but signed up for a free-trial in the past, and it has expired, just reach out to care@myyogateacher.com to let us know!  We'll reset your trial and give you full access to the event.

Check out the educational, inspiring, and beautiful event classes and expert yoga instructors making this event happen!

(Click the class links to register for any or all of these amazing sessions!)

Yoga for Women’s Health Teachers

Mantra Chanting with Niyata 

Tuesday, March 28 at 6:30 am PST/ 9:30 am EST

Ready to feel calmer, more focused, and more relaxed? Enter a meditative state where you will connect with yourself and nature in this class focused on mantra chanting! This singing form of meditation will have you feeling more alive, present, and less stressed. 

Yoga for Menopausal Women with Gomati

Wednesday, March 29 at 6:30 pm PST/ 9:30 pm EST

Are you struggling with perimenopause or menopause symptoms? Hot flashes, hormone imbalances, mood swings, loss of strength and flexibility, and more? Join us in a yoga class designed just for you and walk away feeling better about your mental, physical, and emotional health during this stage of life!

Nritya and Yoga with Umesh

Thursday, March 30 at 5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 pm EST

Nritya means “pure dance” and is graceful movement of the body to express emotion! This class combines yoga and Nritya to help you balance your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. You’ll walk away feeling refreshed and energized!

CMaking your health and wellness a priority is something you’ll never regret! Yoga is such an easy and convenient way to honor your physical, mental, and emotional needs and live in alignment with your values and purpose! Which brings harmony to your inner and outer world.

And don’t forget to check out other yoga classes MyYogaTeacher offers as a part of your membership or free trial! Or reach out to the yoga instructors below offering 1-on-1 sessions to address specific issues!

Annelise Piers

Shika Sood 

Swati Dalvi

Abhishek Bodhi

Preeti Goswami

Rohan Shroff

And remember: If you’re a nonmember who’s two-week free trial has ended, reach out to care@myyogateacher.com to have your trial reset so you can easily sign up for these awesome classes!

Welcome to MyYogaTeacher’s International Women’s Day Event!

See you soon!

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