10 Reasons To Give The Gift Of Yoga This Holiday Season



As the holiday season takes off, it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift for all the special people in our lives. Trying to be unique or give something that stands out can be difficult. But yoga is the gift that keeps on giving! When you give someone the gift of yoga, you’re reminding them how important it is to take time for themselves. Helping them to create space and routine they may not have otherwise. Thinking of giving a MyYogaTeacher gift card for the holidays? There's so many reasons to give the gift of yoga and mindfulness this season! If you’re a yogi, you know the many benefits of yoga and how helpful it is to your day to day life! But maybe there’s someone in your life who has yet to discover the gift of yoga! 

Here are the top 10 reasons to give the gift of yoga to someone you love. 

  1.  It’s good for the environment! Gifting a virtual gift card means no wrapping paper. Even if your recipient lives overseas it’s easy to just email the gift right to their inbox!

  2. It promotes self-care! When you give the gift of yoga, you’re giving someone you love the chance to take time out of their busy schedule to practice self-care and self love. It’s such a beautiful way to show gratitude to those around us. 

  3. It becomes a routine. Did you know it takes 21 days to build a habit? When you give the gift of a month with MyYogaTeacher to someone, it will become part of their routine and lifestyle. And they’ll be grateful you gave them such a beautiful gift. Which brings us to the next reason….

  4.  Yoga creates a community. For those of us who are still working from home or may live far from those we love, MyYogaTeacher’s online classes give us a chance to create a yoga community while staying home. We look forward to our weekly classes with expert teachers and the friends we make along the way. 

  5.  It’s good for the body! Usually around the holidays we tend to indulge in the name of celebration. Yoga is a great way to balance out celebrating with mindful movement. 

  6.  It will last long after the holidays. A lot of times, we buy gifts for the moment and the facade wears off quickly. Rather than another useless gadget, yoga gives you the opportunity to learn something new. 

  7.  Yoga can jumpstart your New Year’s goals! Most of us start our fitness goals after the holiday rush. But by giving the gift of yoga, you give your loved ones a leg up on the gym game! 

  8.  If you’re a member, it’s an opportunity to spend more time together. Purchasing a gift card for a friend or family member means you can take classes together even if you’re apart! 

  9. Yoga improves your outlook. If your loved one has had a tough year or is moving through a hard season in their life, yoga is a great way to increase happiness and overall outlook by introducing them to a mindful practice.

  10.  It relieves the effects of holiday stress. Between the shopping, parties and traffic, the holiday season can be very stressful. Giving the gift of yoga to a stressed out holiday shopper could be just what they need to reset for the end of the year. 

A giftcard to our virtual yoga platform is great for so many people! Having a hard time knowing if it’s right for your recipient? Here’s our top five list! 

  • For that special someone who needs to relax.

  • For someone in recovery from an injury.

  • For someone who loves to workout.

  • For the college student or teacher on holiday break.

  • For a busy parent. 

Head over to our website to grab your gift cards so you can do yoga with someone special in your life this holiday season. 

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