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Oil/ Mud Therapy Massage - Rejuvenate Yourself

A self care ritual to heal the mind and body from the stresses of daily life. Oil or mud massage is beneficial for all the systems of the body, while increasing strength and flexibility of muscles andMore


Shivayogi Diggimath (Teacher)


About Course

A self care ritual to heal the mind and body from the stresses of daily life. Oil or mud massage is More

About Teacher

Shivayogi Diggimath

What you will learn

In this workshop - you can use either oil or mud (multani mitti) for the massage.

Oil - Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic oil massage that you do on yourself. One may deem it as the first step towards the self love. 

It nourishes the body, increases circulation in the body, lubricates the joints, helps in assimilating toxins from the body, and increases vigour of the body.

Mud - The Earth is rich in so many minerals and nutrients which can heal our body holistically and help you lead a better lifestyle.

Mud therapy is one such wonderful cure which you can use to solve so many ailments. Mud helps fight dark circles and sun damage due to its cooling effect on the skin. It gives you an even skin tone, tackles tanning and pigmentation, and is effective against sunburn, skin rashes, and infections. Mud massage is also known to relax the muscles, aid digestion, and improve sleeping patterns.

Requirements of the workshop :

Oil - any oil suitable for your skin - coconut oil, any massage or body oil,etc


MULTANI MITTI - which is easily available online

Or mud from a river bed, if you are fortunate enough to live so close to nature!

Who this is for :

All are welcome

Who is this not for:

People who have very sensitive skin need to use oil, as using mud may cause skin irritations/ rashes

Pre-requisites :

A smiling face, open heart, and some self love :)

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Course schedule
(Oct 30 - 30 , 2022)

Sun, Oct 30

Oil / Mud Massage

Oil or Mud Massage to oneself using oils or Multani Mitti/soil from a river bed.

time 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (1.5 hours)