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Yoga with Friends - full launch with pricing & charity!


Posted on Mar 30, 2021 #yoga

The soft-launch and test for Yoga with Friends is over. The pricing is going live soon.

Everyone has loved their Yoga with Friends sessions, so now we've made it sustainable. Here's what's happening:

Can I continue to get free Yoga with Friends sessions?

Yes! There are still tons of opportunities to get these sessions free.

1. Every new student gets to create one free Yoga with Friends session. So anytime a friend or family member signs up for a free trial of myYogaTeacher, they can create a free yoga with friends session.

2. Every time you invite a friend who's never taken a class with MYT into your Yoga with Friends session (and they join) — the session is completely free!

This is because we created Yoga with Friends to help new students get started with yoga. And, of course, to help all of us stay connected.

How much will Yoga with Friends sessions cost?

Great question!

So a Yoga with Friends session starts around $12.50 per person, and then goes down in price as more people join the session! (it can go as low as $5)

We've made it so that the teachers get compensated fairly for their extra effort, and your rate goes down as more people join. Win-win!


The best part is...

Good Karma Credits: Every Yoga with Friends session feeds hungry children in India!

We've partnered with Give India, a charity that provides meals to food insecure children in India.

So every time you take a Yoga with Friends:

✔️ You're getting healthier and happier

✔️ Connecting with friends and family

✔️ And giving meals to children who might not have eaten otherwise

The more people who join your Yoga with Friends sessions, the more meals donated on your behalf!

Our mission is to make the world a healthier and happier place. So we feel amazing about having another opportunity to give back, and helping you to give food to those in need (while taking care of your own health and happiness too)!

If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to email us at

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