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I was enlightened by experience I had through yoga


Posted on May 8, 2019 #yoga

Since the age of 16, when my mom started to practice Yoga every morning following Baba Ramdev, I have been intrigued by the ways and wonders of it. Those were the beginnings of Yoga in modern society where it was largely practiced by the elderly or housewives as a recreational activity. During this whole cycle from Yoga's new age beginnings to shaping the current society, I always had my mom around to look up to. She went on from doing it as a trial for her knee issues to becoming a Yoga teacher and now having assisted and consulted more than a few thousand people in her personal capacity during the last decade.

My journey to explore, understand and finally express the Yogic ways didn't happen as smoothly as one would imagine.

As a teen, once I started college, life was completely different. Millennials in this age have the passion to do everything but there isn't much talk about the health aspect of the society, even though it's slowly building up now. A few years into college I started to have body problems due to excessive sitting, late night sleeping, unhealthy eating and most other habits we all have while at that age. This led me to a ton of insightful conversations with my mom about Yoga and its benefits. Hesitant, yet determined to fix my body, I started to adapt her ways into my life.

This was when I knew that Yoga is not just a cool term but a way of life.

I continued to practice my asanas as I joined the corporate life. That is when I saw the brokenness in society. People around me failed at maintaining their work, personal life and health. It was misery that we barely notice but pass away with laughter. These issues are so serious and can lead to very difficult times in the old age. As I grew into the firm, I only realized how much I wanted to help and fix the health part of the society with the knowledge I had.

I willingly joined a 7 days Yoga camp after exhausting my annual leave, and never looked back.

This might sound cliche but I was enlightened by the knowledge and experience I had. This made me go to a Teacher Training course, the same as my mom, and explore it even further. I graduated a few years ago, leaving my job and the corporate life behind. Since then, I have always had the aim and motivation to help as many people as I can. My mom, who used to be someone I always looked up to, now proudly calls me her partner as we go around and conduct talks and workshops on a regular basis.

This transformation is something I owe to her and most importantly the society around us, which requires these changes desperately. I am a proud and happy Yoga practitioner who is always happy to help!

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